EU countermeasures against US exports: Renew Europe supports the Commission.



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Renew Europe MEPs on the Parliament's Trade Committee call on the US to act and create the basis for a negotiated settlement which should include an immediate removal of U.S. additional tariffs on EU exports in the Airbus WTO case.

Renew reminds that these countermeasures, which come into force today, are legal and were authorized by the WTO in its decision on 26 October. The EU has the right and the duty to defend its interests. However, the Commission must continue the dialogue with the U.S. administration and achieve the settlement of this dispute.

Renew wants to believe that the next president of U.S. will have the willingness to de-escalate and will act in favor of trusting trade relations with the EU. The EU and the US remain the most important trading partners.

For its part, Renew Europe remains convinced that a strong and cooperative trade relation with the U.S. is still possible and is committed to that end.

Liesje Schreinemacher, MEP (VVD, Renew): "It is our ambition to build a sustainable trading relationship with the US, especially in these difficult economic times. Therefore it is disappointing to see that these negotiations have not brought us closer to a settlement. The EU has no other choice now than to defend its interests and stand up for itself. Nevertheless, we should continue to seek a lasting settlement as soon as possible. It is in both the interest of the EU and the US to work together on the Transatlantic relationship. Let this be the final chapter in this ongoing EU-US trade dispute, focus our attention on commonly shared goals, in order to build on a more positive future relationship together with the new Biden administration.

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