Rights of minorities must be protected, say Renew Europe



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Earlier this year, over one million citizens in the EU signed the European Citizens' Initiative "Minority SafePack”, which asks for the EU to strengthen the protection of the cultural and linguistic diversity in the union. Following this, MEPs will today vote on a resolution that corresponds to the Minority SafePack. The resolution states that cultural and linguistic diversity is a part of Europe's cultural heritage, raises concerns about the alarming increase of hate speeches, racism and intolerance against persons belonging to minorities and sends a clear call about the need to strengthen their rights.

As safeguards of diversity, Renew Europe is committed to protecting the rights of persons belonging to cultural and linguistic minorities in the EU. The cultural heritage throughout the Member States must be protected and embraced. To live up to these words, action must be taken. Therefore, Renew Europe welcomes this resolution and hope for broad support on the vote in plenary.

MEP Malik Azmani, Vice-president of Renew Europe and shadow on the resolution, says:

“This resolution is the result of a very successful European Citizens Initiative that shows how cultural and linguistic diversity is valued greatly across Europe. Protecting our diversity is close to the heart of Renew Europe, and to me personally. As a born and raised Frisian from Moroccan descent, I belong to a minority in The Netherlands with its own history, culture and language. I am proud of my cultural heritage and I think we all should be. Many things make the European Union unique and our diversity is certainly one of them. Let’s value and protect this.”

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