Technorealism, not technophobia



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Shaping the digital future of Europe is one of Renew Europe's core interests. New technologies hold tremendous potential, and we need to support their development, but only while ensuring that our citizens' rights and European values are secured.

Today, the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs is due to adopt an opinion on the shaping of the digital future of Europe. Two amendments on which Renew Europe will vote against relate to the regulation of digital technologies in the future; namely the call for an indiscriminate ban on facial recognition and personalized advertisement. Instead of indiscriminate and absolute bans on technology development, Renew Europe wants strict democratic oversight and effective safeguards adapted to the context on the use of certain technologies and, where appropriate, bans on the use of technologies for certain purposes. Forbidding technological tools such as facial recognition is not the answer; it is only political posturing that does nothing for protecting our citizens. Specifically on personalized advertisements, the consumer should have a clear choice whether or not he/she would like to see these. Some people like personalised advertisements, others do not. Banning it in general is not a liberal choice.

Regulating how we use technological tools, ensuring strict democratic oversight, and ensuring safeguards against their misuse is the way forward to a European digital future centred on our citizens and the protection of their rights and freedoms.

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