Europe must take the lead in the development of 6G technology



As the deployment of the 5G is underway in Europe, the development of the next generation of wireless technologies, 6G, has begun. With momentum building up for defining, developing and deploying 6G, Renew Europe held a webinar on Thursday morning as a first step in ensuring that Europe is in the forefront and takes the lead in the technological competition going on for the development and deployment of 6G.

MEP Mauri Pekkarinen, (Keskusta, Finland) initiative taker of the webinar and member of the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy, concludes after the seminar:

"While 6G is still in its early stages, we can already see that it has great potential to not only create disruptive new technologies, but also to create entirely new markets, change business models and society. Commercial take up of 6G is about a decade away. If we want to shape the competition in our own terms and our own values, we need to start fostering collaboration between research and industry and taking down regulatory barriers where they exist."

MEP Bart Groothuis, (VVD, The Netherlands), co-host of the webinar and member of the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy, says:

“Although the implementation of 6G might feel far away, the battle over standards on 6G has already begun. If we want 6G to be secure, open and free, the EU must take action now and not let the future be decided upon by China or others. 6G is the nerve centre of our future societies; let us make sure it is based on European values and the best technology standards.”

Watch the webinar here.

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