Turn Renew Europe's initiative into reality: make the EU an 'LGBTIQ Freedom Zone'



Tomorrow, two years after the first 'LGBT Free Zone Declaration’ was adopted in the Polish town of Świdnik, the European Parliament will, on the initiative of Renew Europe, vote on a resolution to declare the whole EU an 'LGBTIQ Freedom Zone'.

Homophobia and transphobia does not have a place in Europe. From East to West, everyone must be granted the freedom to live without fear of discrimination or harassment due to sexual orientation and identity. In this act of support for all LGBTIQ people in the EU, we put pressure on the Commission and the Council to take action against any EU government discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.

MEP Pierre Karleskind, the initiator of the resolution, says: "The European Parliament will send tomorrow a loud, clear and strong message to LGBTIQ people all around Europe : "Your freedom matters, your freedom will prevail!" May this vote be the starting point of an unstoppable counter-attack of freedom against hatred in every corner of our Union. You can count on me to wage this fight."

MEP Sophie in' t Veld, rapporteur of the resolution, adds: "Europe belongs to all of us. It is home to all of us. Therefore all of us must be free and safe in Europe. When some governments choose to condone or even endorse hatred against people, on the basis of who they are and whom they love, we must resist. From this day onward we will show everyone that the Europe of freedom and acceptance is bigger and stronger, and it will ultimately prevail."

The violent clampdown on LGBTIQ activists in Poland and the attempt to ban adoption for same-sex couples in Hungary shows that the backlash against LGBTIQ rights in some EU countries is very real. Only last week, the Hungarian media authority initiated proceedings against a TV channel for broadcasting an advertisement about LGBTIQ families. Some countries are making the campaign against LGBTQI rights a central part of their ruling ideology. This stigmatising witch-hunt must stop now.

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Caroline Rhawi

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