Renew Europe calls on the Commission to "apply the Rule of Law conditionality mechanism or face legal actions"



In a resolution due to be adopted today on Renew Europe's initiative, the European Parliament obliges the European Commission to apply the Rule of Law conditionality mechanism, which is applicable since 1 January 2021.

This serves as a loud and clear warning - if the European Commission fails to fulfil its obligations under the regulation by 1 June 2021, the European Parliament will take legal action on their failure to act under Article 265 in the Treaty of the Functioning of the European Union. Upholding our EU values is not optional - it is in fact the obligation of the Commission as guardian of the treaties. As the provisions on the mechanism are legally binding, we will not accept further delays than given within this time frame.

Renew Europe fought tooth and nail for the mechanism to connect the EU's budget to democratic values, and we will not rest before the battle is won. We are ready to defend the legal validity of the regulation before the European Court of Justice, and we will ask for an expedited procedure. We have nothing to fear; the legality of the mechanism will stand.

Dacian Cioloş, President of Renew Europe, said:European citizens can count on our determination to make sure that the rule of law conditionality mechanism is enforced. They do not understand that some Member States consider the EU as a cash machine that does not require them to be accountable for their repeated violations of the European Union's fundamental principles"

Katalin Cseh, Vice-President of Renew Europe and co-rapporteur of the resolution, summarised:

Viktor Orbán is desperate to buy time until the 2022 election, but the European Parliament will not let him succeed. With this resolution, we make it clear: instead of procrastination, Parliament wants to see a clear timeline and concrete steps. Our message is simple: we have a rule of law mechanism, let's put it to use!

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