Artificial Intelligence in Europe: transparency and accountability to citizens



Renew Europe welcomes the European Commission's legislative proposal on the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) . As the first political group in the European Parliament to have published in February 2020 a comprehensive vision on the matter, Renew Europe is committed to work on the future legislation that will enable the development of a trustworthy, ethically responsible and technically robust AI, with the utmost respect for fundamental rights and freedoms.

Dacian Cioloș, President Renew Europe Group:

"I welcome the European Commission's legislative proposal on Artificial Intelligence. The Renew Europe Group, were the first in the European Parliament to take up this important issue in order to create a European Framework that could be trendsetting as we did on the GDPR. We need to regulate Artificial Intelligence because our values are not artificial, technical developments and values should go hand in hand".

Renew Europe defends a legislation that will bring investment capacities, data infrastructure, research and the definition of common ethical norms at the European level.

"We will focus our evaluation of the proposal on the balance between technological opportunity and safeguarding the fundamental rights of our citizens.

Our priority therefore is a regulatory framework that will allow the development of robust, ethically responsible AI that respects our freedoms", concludes Dacian Cioloș.


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