Renew Europe welcomes adoption of Horizon Europe – programme crucial for Europe's future

Author: Linda Aziz-Rohlje



Renew Europe welcomes Tuesday’s plenary adoption of Horizon Europe, the Union’s future-oriented research and innovation programme, which succeeds Horizon 2020 and spans from 2021 until 2027. With an ambitious €95.5 billion secured for the programme, Horizon Europe is the world’s largest investment programme in R&I. Renew Europe is convinced that the programme will help generate post-pandemic growth, engage with more European industries & SMEs than ever before and help find sustainable solutions to tackle global challenges.

MEP Martina Dlabajovà, Coordinator for the Industry, Research and Energy Committee and Shadow Rapporteur for the Horizon Europe Regulation, says:

"Horizon Europe is not just a major source of R&I financing, it is a great example of true European added value. We designed a complex yet balanced structure that will unlock the breakthrough scientific discoveries of the next decade, while bringing innovative solutions to our markets, re-shaping our economy and society. Its Industrial Partnerships will pool talent to deliver the technology of tomorrow, like Quantum, Hydrogen, Artificial Intelligence and Space applications. SMEs will be part of this success story and I believe the new European Innovation Council will be a true game-changer!"

MEP Iskra Mihaylova, has been representing Renew Europe as shadow rapporteur in the negotiations together with Ms Dlabajovà. Ms Mihaylova says:

“With Horizon Europe, sustainable solutions can be found to tackle the global challenges we stand before and strengthen Europe’s competitiveness in a rapidly changing world, where we all are severely affected in different ways by the pandemic. Apart from rebuilding a post-Covid Europe, challenges span from transitioning into climate-neutral and smart cities, curing people from cancer and other severe or yet incurable illnesses, ensuring healthy oceans and seas and a sustainable environment and empowering our SMEs with innovations that will lead to growth and prosperity for all our citizens.”

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