Renew Europe committed to reinforce competition policy in order to achieve a sustainable recovery



Renew Europe holds high-level conversation on the role of competition in the context of the Green Deal. Margarida Matos Rosa, President of the Portuguese Competition Authority, Olivier Guersent, Director General of the EC’s DG for Competition and Stéphanie Yon-Courtin and Pascal Canfin, Renew Europe MEPs, are amongst the participants.

In Renew Europe, we believe we can deepen the EU single market for a strong recovery and a competitive, sustainable Europe, whilst meeting our Green Deal objectives.

We also believe that there is a wide consensus amongst policy-makers to make the creation of jobs and sustainability a priority, and this is why we held a high-level discussion with European and national authorities.

The Webinar, entitled, “How can competition rules contribute to the Green deal objectives?” included the following guests:

Reacting on the discussion, Stéphanie Yon-Courtin (Renew Europe, France), Vice President of the Economic affairs committee (ECON) at the European Parliament, said:

"Competition policy is not a dogma but an enabler that can contribute to achieve a sustainable recovery for Europe. The European Union has set high standards with the Green Deal as well as the Recovery plan based on digital and green transition: it's now time for everyone to play their part in this transition and deliver for the next generations. The soft law will play a key role in adapting our competition policy to challenges of the 21st century while ensuring a strong enforcement of our rules."

In his concluding remarks, Pascal Canfin, (Renew Europe, France), chair of the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Committee, highlighted:

"The EU is rapidly transforming its architecture as a consequence of the Green Deal: more than 50 legislations will be published until 2022. Competition rules cannot dragged behind and must contribute as much as other EU policies to reach the new climate objectives of the Climate Law. Therefore I welcome the current work and willingness of M Vestager to move the lines."

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