LGBTIQ rights: Renew Europe welcomes legal action against Hungarian and Polish Governments

Author: Caroline Rhawi



Renew Europe welcomes that the European Commission today announced that it will launch infringement procedures against the Hungarian and Polish Government's over their discrimination against LGBTIQ people.

Renew Europe is pleased that the European Commission has finally listened to the repeated calls from our group to take legal action. It is past time for the Hungarian and Polish governments to be held accountable for their stigmatising witch-hunt of LGBTIQ people.

Dacian Cioloş, Renew Europe President, said:

The Polish and Hungarian government’s repeated attacks on LGBTIQ rights are unacceptable - homophobia and transphobia do not belong in the EU. In March, Renew Europe successfully organised a campaign, resulting in a resolution in the European Parliament, declaring the EU an LGBTIQ Freedom Zone. The European Commission’s announcement today is an important move to put those words into action.”

In Hungary, the infringement procedures target the new law discriminating against LGBTIQ people and a disclaimer imposed on a children’s book regarding LGBTIQ content. In Poland, it targets the declarations of the ‘LGBT free zones’.

Our group will continue to fight tirelessly to protect the rights and freedoms of Hungarian and Polish citizens.


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