Renew Europe calls for new security measures against cyber-attacks targeting the European Parliament and better security screening



It’s not a surprise for anyone: the European institutions are the targets of cyber-attacks. For a few years now, cyber-attacks have been growing exponentially within Europe. These attacks are the work of cyber criminals who act on their own behalf, on behalf of criminal networks or - we cannot be naive - on behalf of unfriendly states.

Moreover, confidential documents and information from closed meetings are being given to actors who seek to act against European interests, from Trade policy to Defence policy, and everything in between. It is the time for the European Parliament to respond to these threats.

Renew Europe is calling for the introduction of a new security structure that goes beyond the physical security of the Parliament's buildings.

Renew Calls on the President:

  1. To create a strong and fully staffed cybersecurity force, which will enhance the CERT-EU network between Union institutions.
  2. To introduce security clearance requirements for members and staff who wish to work on select committees, where access to classified documents and information are needed.
  3. Increased information exchange between Union institutions as to potential disinformation and espionage risks, including screening of wiretapping in the European Parliament and on MEPs’ devices.

Our Parliament is facing several security challenges and has to fight more efficiently against unfriendly foreign influences. These damaging influences are trying to have an impact on our work and, more globally, on our European democracy.

Renew Europe believes we need action and our institution must take proactive steps against this major threat. It is very serious. The European Parliament has been subject to a number of potentially serious attacks since 2020, like the other Union institutions. The leadership of the European Parliament has the duty to protect our institution. A failure to act would be irresponsible.

The European Parliament must raise to the digital risks we face and take its security issues seriously as a connected Parliament. Renew Europe expects precise measures to be taken. Protecting our Parliament from those who want to interfere in our democratic process is vital to ensuring and strengthening the trust of our European citizens in the Union. This cannot wait”, declared Nathalie Loiseau, president of the Subcommittee on Security and Defence and member of the Special committee on Foreign Interference in all Democratic Processes in the European Union.

Everyone can see that Cyber-attacks and digital espionage are now a major threat to our institutions. While the Parliament’s security and IT staff are working every day to protect us, we must give them the tools and the resources needed to do so” said European Parliament Vice President Dita Charanzová, who shares responsibility for security and cybersecurity with the President and who has been calling for strengthening cybersecurity since taking office.


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