Renew Europe secures innovative, progressive and future-oriented approach in the EU’s budgetary guidelines for 2025

Author: Linda Aziz-Rohlje



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Renew Europe welcomes the plenary adoption of Parliament’s guidelines for the budgetary year of 2025. In light of the upcoming EU elections, these guidelines are extraordinarily decisive in the need to represent and secure European citizens’ needs. It is imperative for us that they are taken into account by the Commission when they present their proposal in June.

Katalin Cseh (Momentum/Hungary), member of the Budgetary Committee, representing Renew Europe in the drafting of the Parliament’s guidelines, said:

“The EU is facing an array of unprecedented challenges. Tackling the climate emergency, navigating the digital transition, and safeguarding our security all require significant budgetary resources. Renew Europe is dedicated to ensuring that next year's budget is fully equipped to meet these demands.

Let's not forget: our budget is also our most powerful tool for advancing our values. Whether it's supporting local governments, advancing gender equality, or safeguarding the rule of law, next year's budget will play a pivotal role in promoting these essential principles.”

In Parliament's position, Renew Europe is pleased to yet again have secured an innovative, progressive and future-oriented approach to respond to the challenges that stand before the Union. We have ensured that the guidelines clearly state that EU taxpayers money should be invested in new technologies, research and innovation to prevent crises in the fields of raw materials, energy supply and in agriculture. We have also made sure that the guidelines include the enhancement of EU security and the Union's defence capabilities, which will contribute to the strategic sovereignty of the EU. Moreover, Renew Europe has safeguarded the inclusion of the rule of law conditionality, that funding must be based on democratic and European values, the strengthening of the economy as well as the continued green and digital transition.


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