Renew Europe stands with Progressive Slovakia as a leading voice in the fight for women’s rights and climate justice




The Renew Europe Group in the European Parliament expresses support for its member party, Progresívne Slovensko (Progressive Slovakia), after it was labelled as “left-wing extremists” in the recent annual report of the Slovak Intelligence Service (SIS) for leading the defence of gender equality and climate justice in the political agenda of the country.

These are values at the heart of the Renew Europe and the European project. Progressive Slovakia is a leading voice in the fight for women’s rights and climate justice in Slovakia, despite growing pushback from ultra-conservative and far right currents, which, as it now seems, could also extend to the intelligence apparatus.

The Renew Europe group is now consulting with its Slovak Members and considering further steps. Should the intelligence service of a Member State engage in unlawful monitoring or suppression of the work of one of our partner parties, Renew Europe would take the necessary steps to protect and support its partners, whether in the European Parliament or directly with the government in question,


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