European Parliament approves new strategy to fight cancer

Author: Miguel Antony M Chevalier



Cancer takes its toll in Europe. More than 1,3 million people die of cancer each year including 6000 children and young people who lose their lives to this disease.

In the BECA report led by Renew Europe MEP Véronique Trillet – Lenoir and due to be adopted in plenary tomorrow, Renew Europe calls for a decisive strategy, based on scientific evidence, to reverse the terrifying number of casualties.

In order to prevent and cure more cases of cancer, existing health inequalities and the barriers to access to equal, affordable and innovative treatment for all Europeans must be removed. Twelve years after the last European strategy on cancer, a new and ambitious response that is structured around prevention, early screening, equal access to the best care for all and support for patients and carers.

Veronique Trillet-Lenoir (Renaissance, France) rapporteur for the report says before the vote: "Renew Europe will be proud of the adoption of this historic European strategy to fight cancer. The main lever of action will be prevention: 40% of cancers will be preventable through effective and courageous measures. Today we put the health of citizens at the heart of our priorities!"

With the same goal of preventing cancer, the plenary will vote this week on the Carcinogens and Mutagens Directive (CMD4). This will be the first legislative foundation of Europe’s beating cancer plan. Too many workers in Europe are exposed to carcinogenic or mutagenic substances at the workplace. Raising the bar in health and safety at work is a priority for Renew Europe. Health care professionals and notably nurses will be better protected against the hazardous substances they handle, particularly during cancer treatments. A more preventive approach at work is not only in the interest of citizens and workers but also crucial for the long – term resilience of our healthcare systems.

Lucie Duris Nicholsonova (Independent, Slovakia) negotiator in the trilogue says ahead of the vote: “This is a huge success, not only for the co -legislators, but first and foremost for the people on the ground whose health we seek to protect. It has been a longstanding request of the Parliament to include reprotoxic substances under the scope of the CMD directive and to ensure that workers, particularly in the health sector, shall be as much as possible protected when handling Hazardous Medicinal Products. We have finally managed to make it a reality. Thanks to the revised legislation, thousands of cases of adverse health effects and deaths will be prevented every year.


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