Renew Europe offers solidarity with Ukraine and calls for strengthened EU links



The President of Renew Europe, Stéphane Séjourné, today spoke in the European Parliament’s debate on EU - Russia relations and the military threat to Ukraine. European Parliament leaders will adopt a declaration on recent events later today.

Stéphane Séjourné, President of Renew Europe, said: “The resilience and calm of the citizens of Ukraine compel our admiration. This Parliament will always be on the side of Ukraine to defend its sovereign choices, its territorial integrity and its independence. I call on the Commission to start preparing sanctions on an unprecedented scale and aid to the States that would be most affected by any military action.

Renew Europe calls for closer EU - Ukraine links: “We call on the Commission to make a strong gesture to the Ukrainian people by opening the door to a gradual integration into the single market and to go beyond the association agreement. It is the attraction of our model that poses a problem for Putin. It is Ukraine's European aspiration that is seen as a threat.

The tacit support for the Kremlin by some extremist EU politicians cannot undermine our unity: “European unity is key in this conflict. Neither our national elections, nor the attempts at destabilization, nor the allegiance of so many political forces to the masters of the Kremlin, must jeopardise our unity.” said Stéphane Séjourné.


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