Renew Europe on the situation in Ukraine and the establishment of a Pegasus Spyware Inquiry Committee

Author: Caroline Rhawi



During a press conference today in the European Parliament, Stéphane Séjourné, President of Renew Europe and Michał Kobosko, President of Polska 2050 in Poland, addressed the situation of Russian President Putin's war in Ukraine.

Stéphane Séjourné, said:

We must continue to support the strongest economic sanctions against the Putin regime, without exception, without delay, as well as the highest support measures for the Ukrainian people, in all financial, political and military fields.

My political group believes that we must accelerate all our political priorities in order to strengthen our strategic autonomy, which means our ability to act by and for ourselves, without being dependent on third countries for our security, our energy, our food or our jobs.

Michał Kobosko, said:

We Poles welcome our Ukrainian sisters and brothers with our warm and open hearts. We are doing everything that can be done to help. EU close cooperation is crucial today. Today Ukraine needs the massive humanitarian help and this is under way. Tomorrow, a massive financial aid from the EU side will be crucial to help funding the restoration of the post-war Ukraine.

Also taking the floor during the press conference was Renew Europe's Sophie in 't Veld (NL, 66) and Róża Thun (PL, Polska 2050) on the matter of the Pegasus Spyware scandal. Following calls from our political group, the Conference of Presidents in the European Parliament today adopted the mandate to establish an Inquiry Committee to investigate the abuses by EU Governments of the Pegasus Spyware.

Róża Thun, as co-initiator of the inquiry, said:

Pegasus was created in order to protect us from the most serious crimes. Especially today, when the unity of the EU is so needed, we must protect our citizens and guarantee their security. Instead of using the modern technology against the opposition, journalists and lawyers, the governments of the EU Member States should build trust and involve all the actors.

Next week, in the plenary session in the week of 7-10 March, the Members of the European Parliament will vote to endorse the Conference of President's decision. Once endorsed, the Inquiry Committee will have to submit its final report within 12 months, which shall include recommendations for further action to be taken by the European Commission and national governments.




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