Renew Europe proposes a European Citizenship Statute to strengthen and clarify the rights of European citizens



Without its citizens and their voice, the EU cannot be a reality. European citizenship has not yet been fully implemented. It is our duty to do so and to put European citizenship at the heart of the European political system. We have to do more and bring clarity to European citizens who are not always aware of their rights.

The European Citizenship Statute proposed by Renew Europe outlines the existing rights for citizens such as the right to vote and to stand as a candidate in elections to the European Parliament but also in municipal elections, consular rights, the right of petition, the European Citizens’ Initiative, freedom of movement. Renew Europe believes that the introduction of transnational lists will contribute to the development of a truly political and civic transnational space and will reinforce the democratic role of the European political parties.

Our group calls for the creation of a permanent interactive digital platform to channel political proposals arising from civil society. The Conference on the Future of Europe should not be a temporary exercise. It should be a cornerstone of European democratic life.

Our position paper proposes new digital rights and insists on the necessity to strengthen the sense of belonging with, for example, the institutionalisation of Europe Day which should be a public holiday in all the Member States and a citizenship document for all Europeans turning 18 to explain them the rights attached to their European citizenship.

Maite Pagazaurtundúa (Ciudadanos, Spain), Renew Europe MEP who leads this position paper declared :

"At a time when our democracies and our values are under threat, it is necessary to deepen the concept of European Citizenship as the backbone that unites and identifies us as Europeans.

The Conference for the Future of Europe offers us an exceptional opportunity to commit ourselves to drawing up a citizenship statute in which we see our common democratic identity reflected. The Statute will also help young people to consolidate concrete rights that will allow them to fully exercise the great freedoms".

She will present this European Citizenship Statute today, during the Renew Europe caucus of the Conference on the Future of Europe.


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