Persistent organic Pollutants: Renew Europe calls for a circular economy without toxic chemicals

Author: Miguel Antony M Chevalier




One of Renew Europe’s priorities is to deliver on citizens’ expectations of living in a non- toxic environment with clean air and water and products that are free from hazardous chemicals.

That position is now well expressed in the report on Persistent organic Pollutants (PoPs) that has been voted in plenary this afternoon.

Persistent organic Pollutants, such as DDT and PCB’s, are toxic compounds having an adverse impact on the environment, accumulating in the food chain and in living organisms.

They do not degrade, nor decompose and tend to reappear in recycled materials.

The only way to stop their adverse impact on people and planet’s health is to restrict the production, the use and reuse of them. In a circular economy we should also take care that hazardous substances don’t return on the EU market through recycling activities.

Rapporteur Martin Hojsik, (Progresivne Slovensko) says:

“The European Parliament just said a clear no to the most dangerous chemicals in materials and waste, such as PFAS or dioxins. It said no to toxic recycled products. The broad majority for my report on persistent organic pollutants is a step forward towards regaining confidence of consumers in the European economy. It is a step forward towards a safer environment beyond the European boundaries. The European parliament proved that it stands behind public interest.”


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