EU leaders must heed European Parliament’s call for more ambitious measures on the energy crisis

Author: Alberto Cuena Vilches



Energy crisis

Ahead of the informal European Council in Prague this week, Renew Europe played a pivotal role in shaping a resolution on energy prices, adopted by a large majority in the European Parliament. EU must do everything in its power to ensure supply of affordable and clean energy for the times ahead, while cushioning the impact of unrelenting energy prices, arising from the weaponisation of the global energy supplies by Russia, on our citizens and business, especially SMEs and vulnerable households.

At the insistence of Renew Europe, the resolution calls, amongst other measures, for progress on the decoupling of electricity prices from the price of gas, on temporary wholesale and import price caps and on the joint procurement of energy sources in order to strengthen EU bargaining power. The fundamentals of the energy market are sound, but temporary and targeted actions are needed to provide a shield for consumers and businesses from the current structural shocks.

Our political Group calls on EU leaders to support a genuinely European response to the energy crisis that rises to the challenges faced by citizens and businesses. This must be based on needs, solidarity and respect, and contribute to climate ambition targets by speeding up investments in renewable energy, energy efficiency and necessary infrastructures to achieve EU energy sovereignty, open strategic autonomy and energy security.

MEP Martina DLABAJOVÁ (ANO 2011, Czech Republic), Renew Europe Coordinator on Industry, Research and Energy committee (ITRE) and co-signatory of the resolution on behalf of Renew Europe, stated:

“EU citizens and businesses, including the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), across different sectors of the economy, trust Europe to provide a common solution as it did in case of COVID-19 crisis. I am convinced we learned the right lessons and are ready to deliver the necessary support and market predictability, that we need in our daily lives. The EU must act together and united while giving flexibility to member states to focus on their citizens and business needs”.

MEP Stéphanie YON-COURTIN (L’Europe Ensemble, France), Renew Europe Coordinator on Economic and Monetary Affairs (ECON) and co-signatory of the resolution on behalf of Renew Europe, added:

“This winter, Europeans should not have to choose between "heating" or "eating". In order to cope with the spectacular rise in energy prices, the European Parliament had to act and act fast for all our citizens and businesses! Through this resolution, we strongly affirm the need for a European response and call on the European Commission to take concrete and strong measures quickly, which are equal to the stakes".


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