Polish Government must be held responsible for visa-for-bribes scandal

Author: Caroline Rhawi



Polish visa landscape 1

At the request of Renew Europe, the European Parliament will today discuss the large-scale visa corruption scandal in Poland, where government consulates have issued visas to third-country nationals in exchange for money. Our MEPs demand that the European Commission conduct a full investigation to uncover the truth and hold any guilty persons responsible.

Róża Thun und Hohenstein (Polska 2050, Poland), said:

The visa-for-bribes scandal reveals corruption at the highest level of government in Poland and is yet another example of how democracy and the rule of law is deteriorating under the PiS government. The unauthorised sale of Schengen visas jeopardises the integrity of the whole visa-free Schengen area, as well as the safety of Poles and all other Europeans. The fraud scheme also shows the hypocrisy of the government. While spreading hatred against migrants and resisting every attempt to find common solutions to migration at the European level, they have eagerly been using migrants to fill their pockets with money.”


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