Legible labelling and safer packaging of chemicals reduces people's and nature's exposure to harmful substances

Author: Miguel Antony M Chevalier




Renew Europe will today vote in favour of the updated regulation on the classification, labelling and packaging of substances. The liberal group in the European Parliament finds it important that an improved regulation now ensures that users of chemicals should henceforth be better informed about the hazards and proper use of chemicals.

Good and clear labelling of chemicals is a prerequisite to better protect ourselves and our environment from hazardous substances. By making labels on chemicals easier to understand, users are better prepared to handle them properly, while duly informed customers are also likely to make more sustainable purchases. The CLP regulation also sets requirements for the appropriate packaging of chemicals. Our Renew shadow Martin Hojsik, welcomes that the updated regulation keeps up with consumer trends and will finally tackle also online sales and refill products which must also be safe for their users.

MEP Martin Hojsík (Progresívne Slovensko, Slovakia) Renew Europe shadow rapporteur says:

"It may not be that apparent, but the pictogram on the bottle of your household products or child-resistant fastening can be a life saver. That is why our work on seemingly technical legislation matters. Because it helps to make sure that all citizens, be it our family members, professional workers or visually impaired, are protected from substances that disrupt their hormone system, know how to use chemical products without risks and what to do in case of emergency."

As Renew Europe Seeks to meet citizens' calls for a toxic-free environment, we believe that a uniform EU-wide identification and classification of hazardous chemicals, and corresponding information and safety measures, along the entire supply chain will be highly beneficial for public health and the environment.


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