Renew Europe supports a Euro 7 package deal that ensures cleaner vehicles and improved air quality

Author: Miguel Antony M Chevalier



Euro 7 002

The package deal on the Euro 7 emissions standards, together with the recently agreed Regulation for CO2 standards for cars and vans, will ensure cleaner vehicles on our roads and improved air quality, protecting the health of our citizens and the environment.

By 2030 most cars sold will be zero emission. While a focus of the debate on Euro 7 has been on exhaust emissions from passenger cars, the clear majority of the emission reduction potential lies in emissions from trucks, and in particle emissions from tyres and brakes. The package includes more ambitious requirements, than the European Commission proposal on brakes and tyres, but also on battery durability to strengthen consumer confidence in zero emission vehicles. The increased ambition for brakes, tyres and batteries was supported by all political groups.

For heavy-duty vehicle emissions, the current package entails a 60% reduction in limits for NOx emissions compared to Euro VI norms, in addition to significantly improving the real driving emissions in urban areas, thus ensuring a better air quality in city centres.

Renew Europe shadow rapporteur Susana Solís Pérez (Ciudadanos, Spain) says:

“Renew Europe has been leading the negotiation to ensure that, in an ever more challenging economic situation, we keep being both ambitious to protect the citizens health and to enable better air quality. At the same time, we prioritize technologies that will last, ensuring that we do not require investments that would slow down the transition to zero emissions vehicles or become obsolete quickly. For Renew Europe, the horizon is clear: we are committed to support the Green Deal.”


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