New CO2 emission standards for heavy duty vehicles are key in achieving zero emission mobility

Author: Miguel Antony M Chevalier



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Heavy-duty vehicles may only make up 2% of the European transport fleet, they still account for 28% of road transport emissions, equivalent to over 6% of the EU's total emissions.

Moreover, it is forecast that, while road transport continues to grow steadily, it can therefore be assumed that their emissions will also increase under unchanged policies.

The Renew Europe group in the European Parliament therefore supported today's proposal in plenary to set updated and stricter emissions standards for heavy-duty vehicles, as more ambitious CO2 emission standards by 2030, 2035 and 2040 will gradually put the transport fleet sector, as already is the case for cars and vans, on the path to the all – important emission-free mobility.

What does not leave the tailpipe, cannot spoil the air either. New ambitious CO2 emission reduction standards for heavy – duty vehicles yield double benefits. A growth path that accelerates CO2 emissions reductions for new heavy-duty vehicles to 90% by 2040 not only keeps us on track with the Paris Agreement and Europe's own climate targets; cleaner air will also directly benefit our citizen’s health in urban areas, resulting in a significant reduction in the number of premature casualties caused by air pollution.

Pascal Canfin (L’ Europe Ensemble, France) and Renew Europe shadow rapporteur on the file comments:

« After the vote on the new legislation on CO2 standards for cars & vans, and the new regulation to accelerate the deployment of charging stations in Europe, we are proposing an ambitious trajectory to decarbonise trucks and buses. The sector accounts for 6% of emissions in Europe, it is key to align it with our Green deal commitments. We also voted in favour of a mandate to make sure all buses sold in 2030 will be zero emission, except if they run on biomethane and until 2035. This is a great step forward to reduce CO2 emissions and increase air quality in cities! »


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