Renew Europe leads the creation of a European digital infrastructure

Author: Linda Aziz-Rohlje




Under Renew Europe’s leadership, the EU’s single market is one step further to being successfully being digitalised, through Tuesday’s endorsement of the trilogue outcome of the Interoperable Europe Act in the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy.

Ivars Ijabs (Attistibai/Par!/Latvia) has lead this much-needed new piece of legislation, which will enable citizens, businesses and communities to access and use digital infrastructure in a more cost and time efficient way while boosting cross-border economic activity and increasing the public’s trust in the governments.

Ivars Ijabs (Attistibai/Par!/Latvia) says:

“In Europe, we have thousands of digital public services - from birth certificates to land registers. But to be truly European, they need to work across borders. In other words, to serve citizens and businesses, all public sector bodies in the EU should speak one data language. Before spending millions on new systems, it is important to make sure they are interoperable.”


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