Renew Europe opts for detergents that are friendly to people and nature

Author: Miguel Antony M Chevalier



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Renew Europe today voted in favor of a refreshment of the existing detergents Regulation. The Liberal Group in the European Parliament considers this important because, with the revised regulation on detergents, cleaning products will not only continue to deliver dazzling washing results but to keep up with consumers trends, users shall also have access to clear and concise information about all ingredients on the packaging, with clear indication on allergenic or hazardous substances. By sharing information related to health and safety for consumers physically, duly informed users are likely to make more sustainable purchases too.

The widespread use of detergents containing hazardous ingredients has a polluting impact after use, as they enter the environment through wastewater and waterways. Renew Europe is therefore pleased that with the entry into force of the new regulation, work is being done to gradually phase out phosphorus for consumer detergents and detergents for certain industrial applications. Thanks to the efforts of Renew Europe, there will also be a review clause on a further reduction of hazardous substances in detergents, which will result in the promotion of 'cleaner' detergents that are more environmentally friendly, taking a further step forward in our ambition for a non-toxic environment.

MEP Martin Hojsík (Progresívne Slovensko, Slovakia) Renew Europe shadow rapporteur says:

“Our work will stimulate green innovations and will result in greater availability of cleaning products, that will be free from hazardous chemicals, effective and with lower impact on the environment. Sustainable practices like refill may continue to thrive, as we ensured that consumers will always have all necessary information when buying detergents.”


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