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Let's create a European Certificate of Parenthood!

Recognising families, across borders

Two million European children may currently face a situation in which their parents are not recognised as such in another Member State. While EU law already requires parenthood to be recognised under a child’s EU rights, this is not the case for the child’s rights under national law. Our Group has been fighting relentlessly for cross-border recognition of adoptions in order to close the existing loopholes and ensure that all children in the EU can enjoy the same rights.

The new legislation we are currently negotiating will be facilitating the recognition of parenthood across the EU. Our aim is to maintain and strengthen children’s fundamental rights, both minors and adults, increase legal certainty and reduce costs and red tape. While parenthood would continue to be established nationally, so Member States would not be obliged to change their family law to e.g. accept surrogacy, it would have to be recognised as such in all EU countries irrespective of how the child was conceived, born or the type of family it has. Discrimination against children of same sex parents is a no-go for us! Our message is clear: if you are a parent in one Member State, you are a parent in all Member States!

The new rules will also specify which court and law apply in cross-border parenthood disputes and introduce a European Parenthood Certificate (EPC), available in all EU official languages, to facilitate the recognition of parenthood.

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Renew Europe is the ultimate defender of the rights of sexual minorities. Our Group has fought tirelessly for equal rights & opportunities of LGBTQI+ people in the EU and beyond. Although the majority of member states have legal measures against discrimination, they are not sufficiently implemented, leaving members of the LGBTQI+ community vulnerable to hate crimes and discrimination in their everyday lives.

Our determination is to make tangible progress within this legislature by:

  • Declaring Europe a LGBTQI+ Freedom Zone (read the EP resolution )
  • Recognising and expanding the rights of rainbow families in all 27 Member States
  • Banning forced conversion therapies targeting youth
  • Pushing for the adoption of Horizontal Equal Treatment Directive, including strong equal treatment rights for LGBTQI+ people
  • Ensuring the EU is a safe and welcoming place of refuge for LGBTQI+ asylum seekers
  • Advocating the inclusion of LGBTQI+ rights in all EU monitoring exercises on Democracy, Rule of Law and Fundamental Rights across the EU27
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