EU Recovery plan: Either we recover together or we will fail individually



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Today during the European Parliament’s plenary session in Brussels, Renew Europe issued a stark warning to EU Member States - Solidarity is key to recovery from this crisis.

Dacian Cioloș, Renew Europe President, saidWe need a truly European economic recovery plan - one that goes beyond the traditional West/East, North/South divisions, net contributors / net beneficiaries, euro / non Euro, friends of traditional policies or not. We will recover together or we will fail individually, this is the choice we have to make, a choice to which I hope there is only one obvious answer”.

Speaking during a debate on the MFF and the EU’s recovery plan, he also went on to warn that a “profound transformation” in the way we use our own resources and technology must be the key to any recovery plan.

He continued:Economic recovery alone will not be sufficient. A profound transformation will be needed. We cannot return to the economic models of the 20th century -on the contrary, we must build our relaunch on new foundations - environment and digitalization and also strategic sectors such as health. These are at the core of the economic transformation we require. Saving jobs and protecting livelihoods is our biggest urgency.

He added: " Regarding the European Long Term Budget, the path is clear for Renew Europe. We will oppose any attempt to disassociate the funding of the EU budget from our core values as a Union. Democracy, individual rights and the rule of law are non-negotiable - this is a red line for Renew Europe. The European Union must not only share money, but also share a common vision, and the European Parliament guarantees the coherence of this vision".

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