A 2021 budget awaiting the unblocking of the MFF



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The European Parliament and the Council of the EU have found today a common understanding on the 2021 Budget and agreed to postpone its adoption, pending the lifting of the blockade of the Multiannual Financial Framework 2021-2027 by Poland and Hungary. The two institutions nevertheless agreed to ask the Commission to present a new version of its draft budget, on the basis of this common roadmap in which Renew Europe is pleased to see its main political priorities adopted. In line with the MFF agreement funding for health, youth and research will be increased. Renew Europe succeeded to achieve financial and staff related reinforcements of the European Public Prosecutor's Office and to differentiate it from decentralised agencies. Moreover, thanks to Renew Europe, the Digital Europe program will have to be strengthened, in particular its Artificial Intelligence component, the Rights and Values and the Justice programs, as well as more staff for the Eurojust and EU-Lisa agencies. We also ensured that special focus should be put on the most crisis-impacted sectors such as tourism and SMEs.

Nils TORVALDS (SFP, Finland), Renew Europe Shadow Rapporteur for Budget 2021, said : “ The path to an agreement on an annual budget for the Union in the crossroads between the multi-annual frameworks is never easy, and neither was it this time. The agreement achieved is however more than acceptable for the parliament, and I am very content about it. The reinforcements for the LIFE-programme and for the European Public Prosecutors Office can be seen as a Renew Europe merit, both are very important for us and for Europe to achieve the climate goals and to fight corruption and defend the union´s rights and values”.

Olivier CHASTEL (MR, Belgium), EP rapporteur for the Budget 2021, other institutions, added: "The political agreement reached today on the 2021 budget once again underlines Parliament's creativity in making the best use of budgetary tools to improve the common good of European citizens. By strengthening our sectoral programs, in particular the Digital Europe, the Rights and values program, which includes the fight against violence against women, democratic participation and promoting the European values, and finally the “Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) - Transport” program , we show that our Institutions are more able to respond to the crisis from the start of 2021".

Valérie HAYER (Renaissance, France), Budgets committee coordinator for Renew Europe and EP negotiator for MFF, concluded : "Europe is at crossroads. Annual budget deals are possible, because there's no veto. We now encourage Hungary and Poland to think about Europe, about themselves, and act in a truly European spirit."

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