Renew Europe warns that Covid-19 risks weakening children's rights and asks for their protection



The wellbeing of the one hundred million children living in the EU is at stake. The Covid19 pandemic risks having disproportionate and devastating impacts on children and their future, especially the most vulnerable already living in poverty, homeless and in precarious situations. More children are falling victims to violence, abuse and exploitation during this pandemic and their physical and emotional health is drastically worsening.

We must turn the tables. In a resolution adopted in plenary today, we sound the alarm and call on the Commission to put in place measures to eradicate poverty and violence against children. In the coming weeks, the Commission will propose its Strategy for the Rights of the Child, and Renew Europe is demanding a long-term strategy worthy of the name to ensure the protection of our children. The eradication of child labour, ending all forms of violence and discrimination against children, tackling child poverty and guaranteeing the right to education must be the cornerstones of the upcoming strategy. After the pandemic, our children will face a new reality, and it is up to us to make it brighter.

MEP Ramona Strugariu, Renew Europe's shadow on the Children's rights resolution, says:

“I am grateful that our concerns, such as improving the fight against all forms of violence, online and offline, protecting the right to education that was severely affected by the Covid-19 crisis or the importance of creating a safe environment for vulnerable children through social investment, are well reflected in the final text. These concerns need to be addressed in the upcoming Strategy of the Commission."

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