The Syrian conflict: The European Parliament endorses Renew Europe Group’s call for an EU action plan on impunity



The Renew Europe Group’s call on the European Commission to present an EU action plan on impunity, with a specific chapter on Syria, was today endorsed by the MEPs who approved a resolution on the situation in Syria ten years after the beginning of the uprising.

Last week, our political Group organised a public debate with Syrian voices, stressing that this action plan should seek to better coordinate and harmonise Member States’ resources and efforts to prosecute war criminals in the EU, as transitional justice plays a fundamental role in securing peace in the long term.

The adopted resolution took on board many of our proposals, calling on the EU to launch a designated European fund for victims of crimes against humanity in Syria and on Member States to improve coordination of judicial, police and immigration resources by sharing, at EU level, information on war crimes suspects under Article 1F of the Geneva Convention.

Renew Europe MEP, Nathalie Loiseau (Renaissance Delegation, France), Chair of the Subcommittee on Security and Defence, who negotiated the resolution on behalf of our Group, said:

“For 10 years, the Syrian tragedy has been unfolding on our doorstep. Europe has done a lot, being the leading provider of humanitarian aid, welcoming millions of refugees and supporting those who have found refuge in the countries of the region. It must go further by stepping up its efforts to help fight impunity for crimes committed in Syria, by the regime of Bashar Al Assad, by its supporters and by the armed groups which terrorise the country. Some European countries have already done steps in this respect. Renew Europe proposes an action plan aiming at doing more, better, in a unanimous and coordinated manner. In Syria, there will be no peace without justice, nor the return of refugees to their homeland without the return of the rule of law.”

Renew Europe MEP, Barry Andrews (Fianna Fáil Party, Ireland), added:

'Syria has become a forgotten crisis. The European Parliament has a duty to keep the fight against impunity in Syria at the top of the EU’s agenda, particularly this week as we mark the tragic 10 year anniversary of the beginning of the conflict. Justice delayed is justice denied - and we the EU must not forget that without justice there cannot be sustained peace. I hope that this resolution and the call for an EU Action Plan on impunity sends a strong signal that we have not forgotten about the people of Syria and their quest for justice.'

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