Renew Europe requires the European Commission to fulfil its obligations on the Rule of Law mechanism



Renew Europe has today reconfirmed its commitment to do ‘whatever it takes’ to ensure that the European Parliament and the European Commission defend the Rule of Law conditionality regulation and ensure its long overdue application.

At the initiative of Renew Europe, a resolution on the application of the Rule of Law conditionality mechanism has been tabled ahead of the European Parliament’s plenary session of the 24th/25th March.

The resolution sets a deadline for the European Commission to fulfil its obligations, or face legal action under Article 265 TFEU.

Dacian Cioloş, President of Renew Europe said:

"The resolution on the rule of law conditionality mechanism that will be put to the vote in the European Parliament next week includes all the priorities of the Renew Europe group. We must not relax the pressure on those States that do not respect the values of the European Union. The mechanism has entered into force and nothing must prevent its full and complete application. Otherwise we will act with the legal means at our disposal."

Katalin Cseh, Vice- President of Renew Europe concluded:

"Renew Europe was on the forefront of the fight for a Rule of Law mechanism, to make sure European funds reach those who need it the most. The mechanism is Union law since January 1. Failure to use it is a breach of law. Viktor Orbán uses a court challenge to buy time until the 2022 election, but Parliament will not let him: we ask for an expedited procedure. This resolution reiterates: the era of procrastination is over. For this Parliament, only prompt action is acceptable."

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