Renew Europe demands a gender perspective in EU trade policy



Today, Renew Europe published and presented during a webinar its position paper on Gender and Trade focusing on empowering women through trade and tackling gender inequality.

Women have diverse roles in society, as they are entrepreneurs who manage their own business, they are employees at companies, and they are consumers. "Incorporating gender mainstreaming in trade policy is crucial. Women worldwide have enormous potential to contribute to the economy and society. Let’s empower women through trade", declares Samira Rafaela (D66, Renew Europe), who leads the position paper. Trade can also be a way to promote gender equality and improve access to skills development and education for women.

Our group welcomes the Commission’s commitment to include gender provisions in free trade agreements with third countries. In the framework of negotiation on EU-Chile FTA’s modernisation, the inclusion of such provisions is foreseen. This is an important first step. Renew Europe will be vigilant and will play its watchdog role on this issue.

Data shows that businesses that are active in international trade tend to employ more women. Societies open to trade are relatively more equal compared to less open economies. However, we have to do more to achieve gender equality. In some cases, the quality of jobs women hold can be questionable. In the textile industries, women are often overrepresented but, this sector is also volatile, as the pandemic demonstrated.

Renew Europe calls on the Commission to include a gender perspective in the upcoming EU legislation on mandatory due diligence. Women will be a crucial part of reaching the recovery and resilience of the global economy of the post-Covid world. We must give them the tools to expand their contribution in trade. Why? Because it will be a benefit for all.

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