European recovery plan: Renew Europe stands firm so that the bill is not paid by European taxpayer



The Renew Europe Group and the European Parliament are looking forward to the Commission's proposal on an EU digital levy in June 2021 in order to lead the discussions on fair taxation with our partners.

While the European Council is due to have a policy debate on the creation of a tax on digital giants, the European Parliament, meeting in plenary session, is firmly pursuing the implementation of the Inter-institutional Agreement, concluded last December, on own resources intended to repay the loan contracted to finance the European recovery plan. The European Parliament demands full respect for this Agreement and with this in mind confirms the European Commission's exclusive right of initiative and management. The taxation of digital platforms is part of the panoply of new own resources agreed by the Interinstitutional Agreement and shall be proposed by the Commission in June 2021.

Valérie HAYER (Renaissance, France), parliamentary co-rapporteur for the reform of the system of own resources, declared: "Through this vote, the EP removes the last burden for the implementation of the recovery plan, once the ratification procedure is completed. This is also an opportunity to recall that the first proposal for new own resources shall come in June 2021, including the digital levy. No institution can avoid responsibility ".

The regulations approved by the plenary materialize the decision of the Parliament, the Council and the Commission to update the system of own resources by simplifying the VAT own resource and introducing the plastic packaging waste-based contribution These texts include, for example, provisions on the calculation of own resources, on the collection of statistics, on the management of cash flows as well as on the rights of control and inspection, which are necessary for the proper functioning of the EU budget.

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