Renew Europe leads demands for the European Council to trigger Article 7 against the Hungarian Government

Author: Caroline Rhawi



The European Parliament will tomorrow adopt a resolution calling for Hungary to face legal consequences for their breaches of EU law and LGBTIQ citizens' rights in Hungary.

Renew Europe has tabled an amendment to the resolution, calling on the Council to vote on the adaption of concrete recommendations to Hungary, as stipulated by Article 7(1) TEU. These should include a recommendation to repeal the new Hungarian anti - LGBTIQ Law and provide strict deadlines for the implementation of those recommendations.

Renew Europe MEPs demand a deadline for implementation by December and call on the Commission and the Member States to initiate the procedure in accordance with Article 7(2) TEU if these recommendations are not fully implemented, so that sanctions could be imposed, including the suspension of the voting rights of Hungary in the Council. We urge the other political groups to join our call for action and adopt the amendment.

Dacian Cioloş, President of Renew Europe, says:

The overwhelming majority of the Council members were outraged by the anti LGBTIQ law Orbán introduced in Hungary. Rightfully so. Orbán has crossed redlines before but that was a new low. We welcome the response by most heads of state and governments but it should not stop here. The Council needs to trigger Article 7 against this Hungarian government. All legal means should be applied in order to show Orbán that he has gone too far. We are a Union of values whether Orbán likes it or not. He does not want to listen to reason, he therefore must face the consequences.”

Moreover, Renew Europe demands that the European Commission immediately launches an accelerated infringement procedure against Hungary due to the adopted law.

Liesje Schreinemacher, Renew Europe’s negotiator on the resolution on LGBTIQ rights in Hungary, concludes;

The Hungarian anti-LGBTIQ law goes against everything the European Union stands for. When you are a member of the EU, you sign up to our values. It is not an 'a la carte' menu. We need to stand up against the deteriorating situation of LGBTIQ-rights in Hungary. We have to take action and hold the Hungarian government accountable. This is about protecting what is most precious, the freedom of our people.”

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