World Pride 2021: More than ever, Renew Europe fights for LGBTIQ rights



Renew Europe continues to meet its own commitments: a delegation of Renew Europe MEPs are present at the World Pride 2021 which is taking place this week in Copenhagen. “It is an honour to welcome the world to Pride in Copenhagen. Prides are important to see you are not alone. We must not rest until all of the community is fully included in our societies. Finding your tribe is crucial as we see many especial the young in the LGBTI+ community with mental health issues as they struggle to be and feel included”, says Karen Melchior, Renew Europe MEP elected in Denmark and member of the LGBTI intergroup in the European Parliament.

The presence of Renew Europe at the World Pride is as important as it is obvious. While some EU Member states - as Poland or Hungary - deal blows to LGBTI+ rights and the LGBTI+ community is still vulnerable to hate crimes, hate speeches and discrimination across the world and the EU, Renew Europe would like to give its support and recall that Europe is a LGBTI+ freedom zone. "Being part of the World Pride allows us to show our strong support for the LGBTIQ community and to exchange ideas and experiences, some hopeful and others heartbreaking. When it comes to LGBTIQ rights standing still is not an option. We have to keep fighting for equal rights, so everyone can be free to be who they are and love whom they want. Let’s celebrate our diversity!", declares Liesje Schreinemacher, vice president of the LGBTI intergroup in the European Parliament and member of the Renew4Equality delegation at the World Pride 2021.

Our group remains committed to make tangible progress concerning LGBTIQ rights. We are fighting for recognising and expanding the rights of rainbow families in all the Member states, to ban forced conversion therapies and ensuring that Europe is a safe place for this community but also a welcoming place of refuge for LGBTIQ asylum seekers at risk of persecution back home. “Ensuring equal rights for the LGBTI+ community is a fight for human rights. It is also a fight for rule of law. Discriminatory legislation and derogatory rhetoric against minorities is a warning sign that our democracy is in danger and that we must act. Minorities are our canaries in the coal mine of democracy, and when they are stopped from singing: we must act. We are not free before everyone is free and fully included in society”, adds Karen Melchior.


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