Renew Europe outlines ambitious vision for the remainder of the European Parliament term

Author: Clara De Melo Ponce



Cover Priorities

Following the midterm elections in the European Parliament, the Renew Europe Group has today released its legislative and policy priorities for the remainder of this parliamentary mandate, until 2024.

From the green and digital transitions, to unleashing the EU’s economic potential, migration and asylum, foreign policy, trade and fundamental rights, we believe that a reinvigorated and united European Union is the answer to common challenges.

Renew Europe calls for a tough defence of the rule of law and fundamental rights by stopping money flows to autocrats. In order to bring the EU institutions closer to citizens and increase the effectiveness of the Union, we demand institutional reform ahead of the next European elections, both in the Parliament and the European Council.

Stéphane Séjourné, President of Renew Europe, said:

"European cooperation provided the answer to the pandemic, both in terms of the joint purchase of vaccines and the landmark Next Generation EU investment programme that Renew Europe spearheaded. We do not rest on our laurels; the challenges before us are wide-ranging, which is why we today propose an agenda to shape a Union that responds to the everyday needs of citizens."

"We will fight injustice wherever it found and seek to leave no one behind. Our institutions must be renewed so Europeans can take their destiny into their own hands. Law by law, project by project, reform by reform, we will fight for a green, free, proud and fully sovereign Europe".

Malik Azmani, First Vice President of Renew Europe, said:

"I am looking forward to the coming 2,5 years and continuing to make progress on renewing the European Union. We have been and will continue to be a strong voice for European cooperation and integration to make our continent more able to cope with the serious issues of our time. The European Union needs to ensure its autonomous strength on the international stage. The coming 2,5 years we have important legislative files to bring across the finish line on subjects like migration, digital, climate and internal and external markets. In the meantime we need to enhance our commons security and defence. Only by working together we can achieve our common gaol to make Europe stronger. I am proud that as First Vice-President of Renew Europe I can contribute to this with a powerful team of motivated colleagues."


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