The EU budget in 2023 must reflect the war in Ukraine and be a tool of resistance and resilience

Author: Yannick Laude




The war in Ukraine, which comes after two years of pandemic, is a new challenge for the resilience of the European economy. In these troubled times, a strong European budget is even more necessary and crucial to support our citizens, our economy, our principles and our values. Renew Europe is committed to an EU budget able to provide concrete support and solutions to the most difficult crises the Union has faced since its creation.

This year, with a budget rapporteur coming from the ranks of Renew Europe, we have been successful in gathering a broad consensus over the biggest political priorities for 2023. The six Renew Europe priorities for the EU budget next year were supported by a large majority of the Parliament meeting in Strasbourg: continuing the economic recovery, supporting a stronger EU health policy, creating greater opportunities for young people, accelerating the ecological and digital transitions, promoting the Rule of law, strengthening the European Public Prosecutor's Office, and adapting the EU to the economic and geopolitical consequences of the war in Ukraine.

Nicolae ŞTEFĂNUȚĂ (USR, Romania), European Parliament rapporteur for the budgetary guidelines for the fiscal year 2023, said:

"This was supposed to be the last year of the pandemic but it turned out to be the first year of war. The EU budget needs to deflect the atrocious war on Ukraine. But Europe should continue to fight for its way of life, for its values. For the climate change. For the youth. For the economic recovery. For rule of law. And yes, for our common defence and security. Europe should rise to the greatness of the task in these extraordinary times".


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