The EU must support Ukraine’s ability to trade



Renew Europe continues to stand with Ukraine. Our group therefore welcomes the endorsement, in plenary, of the temporary suspension, for one year, of duties on all Ukrainian exports to the EU and all existing EU anti-dumping and safeguard measures on Ukrainian steel exports.

Russia’s aggression against Ukraine has colossal consequences. In addition to the suffering, loss of lives and vast populations being displaced, this aggression is also affecting Ukraine’s ability to trade. Parts of the country, devastated by Russian bombs, have lost their production capacity and the closure of the access to the Black Sea, essential for trade, deprives Ukraine of significant share of its transport means. The EU must therefore act swiftly in order to alleviate the difficult situation of Ukrainian producers and exporters.

Since the beginning of Russia’s war of aggression, Renew Europe has supported Ukraine. At the same time, we have witnessed the cowardice and the complacency of the far right, which continues to support Putin regime and to be on the wrong side of history.

Urmas Paet (Eesti Reformierakond, Estonia), Renew Europe’s shadow rapporteur on this file, declared: "We must help Ukraine every way we can. This includes trade. As access to foreign markets is an important part of Ukraine’s recovery plan, then it is of essence to foster Ukraine’s export potential. These temporary trade-liberalising measures are an important part of the EU’s support to Ukraine. I hope that other countries will follow our example".


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