Renew Europe leaders pledge to build the European Union of tomorrow

Author: Clara De Melo Ponce



Leaders of the growing Renew Europe family, meeting in Brussels on the first day of the European Council Summit, have adopted a declaration pledging to bring change to European politics. Outlining their offer to European voters of an alternative to the status quo and the dangerous proposals of the populists and extremists, from both right and left, the leaders adopted a vision of reform and delivery for EU citizens.

As the most pro-European voice in EU politics, Renew Europe believes recent events show the need for more Europe, not less, to achieve our collective goals. The declaration agrees that, to cope with the imminent challenges our Union will face in 2022 and beyond, Europe must become a geopolitical power and the European green agenda must be accelerated and the single market completed. It calls for a concrete roadmap to European sovereignty and the regeneration of our democratic system, prioritising the rule of law and fundamental rights. The Conference on the Future of Europe launched by Renew Europe should lead to more effective and better functioning European democracy.

Stéphane Séjourné, President of Renew Europe said;

"Renew Europe is the fastest growing pro-European movement in Europe with a unique offer for EU citizens based on ambitious reforms and a belief that more Europe, not less, will provide answers to the concerns of citizens. The old duopoly of the EPP and S&D has been permanently broken. We are ready and willing to build the European Union of tomorrow."

"We believe that European democracy needs stong European political family that can act together in all the level of decisions: Parliament, Council, Commission and in the member states. This clarity is an essential part to convince more voters and have more power to renew the European project."


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