Tax deal veto: PM Orban's blackmailing is deplorable

Author: Alberto Cuena Vilches




The shameful misuse of vetoes in the European Council by illiberal Government's is fast becoming an existential threat to the European Union, Renew Europe declares today in a plenary debate in the European Parliament.

The Hungarian government's last-minute move to withdraw its support for the EU's carefully negotiated deal on a global minimum corporate tax of 15% for large multinationals has clearly been inspired by the Polish example of blocking the tax deal to pressure the European Commission to release the post-covid recovery funds.

Renew Europe will not accept that the Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's government, or any other government, holds vital EU legislation hostage as a way of blackmailing the EU institutions for funds. We stress that this important tax deal, in line with the OECD/G20 International agreement of October 2021, must be finalised and implemented immediately.

MEP Gilles Boyer (Horizons, France), Renew Europe´s shadow rapporteur on a minimum level of taxation for multinational groups (Pillar II) report, declared:

"We deeply regret the Hungarian veto, especially because this country's demands were largely taken into account in the international agreement. We need to find as soon as possible a solution to this blockage and deliver on citizens' demand for more tax justice."


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