European political parties and foundations to become the cornerstone of European democracy



As the next European elections approach, Renew Europe strongly believes it is the right time to substantially strengthen European democracy and the role of European political parties and foundations. Our group therefore welcomes the broad support for the work of our co-rapporteur Charles Goerens on the recast of the regulation on their statute and funding.

European political parties and foundations must be the cornerstone of European democracy. Through its co-rapporteur Charles Goerens, Renew Europe paves the way for stronger and more visible parties and foundations in a genuine European political sphere. This reform will empower these organisations to assume their democratic role and fully engage in European politics as well as national campaigns related to the EU.

The recast also promotes strengthened rules on more transparent funding and a better protection of European values, such as the respect for rule of law, democracy and human rights. Lowering the co-financing rate for European political parties to 5% (even to 0% in the year of EU elections) will not only help increasing the number and intensity of their campaign activities, but also their visibility at national level. Extending membership to countries that have voting rights in the Council of Europe gives pro-European parties of our neighbours the possibility to engage in European discussions. Our co-rapporteur will now engage in negotiations with the Commission and Council to finalise the recast in time for the next European elections.

Charles Goerens
(Luxembourg, Democratic Party), co-rapporteur on this file declared: "With this report, the EP provides a strong basis for the creation of a truly European demos, while strengthening financial transparency in relation to European political parties and foundations. In order to guarantee increased political participation at EU-level, citizens need to have a stronger connection to European Parties. This report is one important step towards this goal."


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