QatarGate : Renew Europe demands justice, reform and a new independent EU ethics body



Renew Europe offers its full support to the Belgian Police and judicial system with their ongoing investigations into the ‘’QatarGate’’ corruption scandal. We believe this weekend's revelations underline alleged personal corruption but also, unfortunately, structural problems. Today we called for the following steps to be taken:

  1. First, on the people involved: We will vote tomorrow to withdraw the mandate of Vice-President from Mrs Kaili. If the facts are proven, we will call on her to resign from her mandate, as with any other MEPs concerned by the investigation.
  2. Secondly, on Qatar: We call for the suspension of all parliamentary work, votes and missions concerning this country until further notice.
  3. On the life of our assembly: We support the strengthening of the transparency register, which should be extended to representatives of foreign governments as well as to former MEPs.
  4. On the transparency of our public life: Since 2019, our group has been calling for the creation of an inter-institutional ethics body which must have investigative powers in order to better monitor the rules and activities not only of Members of Parliament, but also of former Members and more widely of all those who work in the European institutions. We call for a discussion at the European summit on Thursday.
  5. Tackling foreign interference: Renew Europe supports a committee of enquiry, only after the justice system has done its job.

Speaking in a debate on this issue in the European Parliament, Stéphane Séjourné, President of Renew Europe, said:

"To those in the European Parliament or outside who think they can manipulate democracy, or damage it, you will always find my group Renew Europe against you. No one can betray the trust of the people with impunity. We offer our full support and thanks to the Belgian police and justice system. I am proud to work in a country where such investigations are possible."

"We want justice, reform and zero tolerance for corruption or foreign interference. We repeat our demand for the establishment of an independent inter-institutional ethics body. This should be added to the agenda of the European Council later this week."


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