Packaging and packaging waste: Renew Europe secures a ban on forever chemicals in food- packaging

Author: Miguel Antony M Chevalier




Renew Europe has secured measures to ensure that packaging materials that are harmful to people’s and nature’s health will no longer be allowed. The Liberal Group welcomes the support it has received in plenary today to ban “forever chemicals” in food packaging by 2025.

Renew Europe rapporteur MEP Frédérique Ries (MR, Belgium) said on the outcome of the vote in plenary:

“Recent events in Europe, and particularly in Belgium, concerning water pollution by PFAS chemicals show the urgent need for action. By voting to ban 'eternal' pollutants in food packaging, the European Parliament has shown that it will not compromise with the health of European citizens. Regarding plastics, the contract has been fulfilled, since my legislative report takes on the root of the issue by setting tougher waste reduction targets for plastic packaging. Unfortunately not all the ambitions voted at committee level were kept on board today, namely prevention measures aimed at cutting the ever-increasing packaging production."


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