EU Budget: MFF must invest in Europe’s future

Author: Linda Aziz-Rohlje



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Ahead of the European summit starting on Thursday, where the revision of the multiannual financial framework (MFF) is on the agenda, Renew Europe reminds that the Parliament has to approve the deal and calls on the European Council to ensure that its proposal of a revised MFF is powerful enough to adequately fulfil the role and expectations of the European Union.

It is imperative for Renew Europe that the revised MFF includes the establishment of a fund dedicated to Ukraine’s support and recovery, as well as resources to adequately respond to humanitarian crises in for example conflict areas and migratory movements. For the Group, it is also key that funding for the Strategic Technologies for Europe Platform, STEP, is secured and that the long-term budget has enough flexibility and means for the repayment of the debts of the Union without making cuts in order to not jeopardise running key EU programmes.

Renew Europe reminds that the final agreement on the revision of the EU budget must be approved by the Parliament according to the Treaties. Therefore, our group stands ready to open discussions directly after the EU leaders agree on their common position.

Valérie Hayer (Renaissance/France), is Renew Europe's representative in the negotiations of the MFF revision and the Group’s coordinator in the Committee on Budgetary Affairs. She says:

"It's time for EU leaders to finalize their endless internal discussions, as the Parliament did more than two months ago. We stand ready to start discussing a secured future for Ukraine, enough money to manage migratory inflows, invest in strategic technologies, and ensure the repayment of the EU debt does not lead to cuts in our programmes. The process won't be over on 15 December - it's time to accelerate!"


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