Renew Europe welcomes new flexibilities for the seasonal tourist transport sector



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Faced with the explosion of seasonal tourist transport within the EU, it was legitimate - and expected by the profession - to adapt the driving and rest rules for occasional coach and bus drivers with regard to the general legal framework applicable to freight or passenger transport drivers. In this regard, Renew Europe welcomes the agreement concluded last night between the European Parliament and the Council in which our group took an active part. The key word of interinstitutional compromise is flexibility. Occasional bus and coach drivers will now be able to distribute their breaks and rest periods as they wish.

Caroline NAGTEGAAL (VVD, Netherlands), Renew Europe shadow rapporteur for this text within the parliamentary committee on Transport and Tourism, said: "I’m glad that we reached an agreement that prioritizes flexibility and practicality in the realm of seasonal tourist transport. This new regulation marks a significant step forward in adapting to the unique demands of occasional coach and bus drivers".

Renew Europe underlines the following points in particular:

- the possibility of postponing the weekly rest period for up to 12 consecutive days for both national and international occasional passenger transport services;

- the choice offered to the driver to divide his minimum break of 45 minutes into two periods over a driving time of 4.5 hours;

- the possibility of postponing the daily rest period by one hour, provided that the total cumulative driving time for this day has not exceeded 7 hours;

- Travel documents will be replaced by a single digital form based on a study by the European Commission.

- Tachograph specifications must include these exemptions.


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