Renew Europe sets criteria for the fair, transparent and objective assessment of Commissioners-Designate



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Ahead of the hearings of the Commissioners-Designate, Renew Europe have outlined a common approach to be followed in order to guarantee a fair, transparent and objective evaluation process. The hearings are a vital process to ensure that the future college will be in the position to deliver on the commitment made by President-elect of the European Commission, Ms Ursula von der Leyen, before the Parliament and reflected in the mission letters given to each Commissioner.

Dacian CIOLOȘ speaking in Strasbourg said:

“We will analyse the future Commissioners on the basis of a method, the same for everyone, in order to ensure a fair, transparent and objective process in every Committee. Our approach will be based on 4 key principles: attachment to EU values and Treaties; integrity and possible conflicts of interest; competence and political vision for the portfolio; as well as a commitment to follow the mission letters. In each competent parliamentary Committee, our coordinators will play a central role to ensure that these criteria are met.

It is the responsibility of the pro-European majority to work in a constructive and transparent way to make sure that the European Commission is in a position to deliver the reform that is much needed for a dynamic and efficient EU. We have an obligation towards EU Citizens to put party politics aside and get the best team for Europe. ”

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