Erasmus+ : Europe says yes to its youth



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It is one of the most popular and best-known European programmes. Today, following an institutional agreement, Erasmus+ is promised a new start with an increased budget of more than €10 billion for the years 2021-2027. This means that approximately 10 million young Europeans will be able to take part, compared to the current 6 million.
Erasmus+ will be more inclusive allowing young people who currently do not have access to it to participate, especially young people with disabilities or who face social, economic or geographical constraints.

The scope of Erasmus+ will be extended allowing sport staff, adult learners and pre-school teachers and early childhood education staff to benefit from mobility activities as well as the return of mobility for school pupils,
Erasmus+ will also get a facelift with the integration of 3 new initiatives: DiscoverEU, the
alliances of European Universities and Centres of Vocational Excellence and Training.

The European Parliament has managed to secure a simplified process for initiatives that cannot be funded by Erasmus to access the support from other European programmes. Moreover, a special focus was given to Vocational and Training mobility and apprenticeship, reinforced with an adequate budget share increase.
MEPs will be closely involved in the implementation of this renewed Erasmus+, whose administrative procedures will be simplified.

Renew Europe has actively participated in the negotiations in order to achieve a more democratic, more open and also greener Erasmus+ programme. Together with today's agreement on the European Solidarity Corps, this success is proof that Europe is not forgetting its youth.

Laurence Farreng (Renaissance, France), Renew Europe coordinator of the Culture and Education committee said: "The negotiations were long, but it was worth it! It is a programme for all, a greener programme, a programme truly tailored to the new European generation. Erasmus + 2021-2027 brings hope, it is the promise that we will share our European skills and culture even better. »

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