Europe's post-Covid recovery must provide opportunities for all, urges Renew Europe at the Social Summit in Porto

Author: Hugues Stéphane Beaudouin



It will be impossible for Europe to swiftly recover from the Covid-19 crisis and for our Union to continue its transformation into becoming an even more competitive, digital and climate-friendly economy without fully investing in our citizens. President Dacian Cioloş and Dragoş Pîslaru, Coordinator of the Employment and Social Affairs are representing Renew Europe at the high-level Social Summit in Porto, Portugal today. During the Summit, Dacian Cioloş and Dragoş Pîslaru will be pushing for employment and social policies to be placed higher on the European agenda and make the EU institutions and Member States ensure that people and their wellbeing are at the heart of the EU's recovery efforts.

Dacian Cioloş, President of Renew Europe, says:

"The Porto Summit is a chance to build the foundations of a post-Covid recovery that provides opportunities for all EU citizens. The world of work is changing, accelerated by the pandemic, and we must adapt our policies to ensure no EU citizen is left behind. According to several international studies, 85% of the jobs of 2030 do not yet exist. We need to invest in skills and human capital, including "lifelong learning" programmes. In our view, the European Union has a key role to play in helping to identify the major labour market changes on a continental scale. This is the message I wanted to bring to the Porto Social Summit."

Dragoş Pîslaru, Coordinator of the Employment and Social Affairs Committee for Renew Europe, says:

"For Renew Europe it is imperative to ensure that we invest in a fair and competitive Europe. Our citizens must be provided with the opportunities they need in order to fully benefit of the freedoms the Union guarantee and the positive aspects that green and digital transitions bring. Among them are placing skills at the heart of Europe, investing in Next Generation policies for our children and young people, improving labour mobility within the EU, and securing social inclusion and equal opportunities for everyone no matter in which part of the EU you live."

The Social Summit is organised by the Portuguese Presidency of the Council.

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