EU-New Zealand deal sets new benchmark for sustainable trade



On the occasion of the visit of New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to Brussels, the European Commission has today announced a political agreement on the free trade agreement with New Zealand. Renew Europe welcomes this political deal, which is an important and positive signal. New Zealand is a likeminded partner and a strong ally.

As the world faces uncertain times and challenges, such as the Covid-19 pandemic and the Russia’s agression in Ukraine, we should continue to build strong partnerships across the world. The Indo-Pacific is a strategic and important region for trade. Our group looks forward to scrutinising the agreement in detail during the legislative process.

Karin Karlsbro (Sweden, Liberalerna), Renew Europe standing shadow rapporteur on New Zealand, declared: “The deal between the EU and New Zealand is the start of a new ambitious European trade agenda. With an aggressive Russia and an expansive China, it’s crucial for Europe to strengthen our partnerships with like-minded democracies such as New Zealand. This deal sets a new benchmark for sustainability and what modern FTAs look like.

Ulrike Müller (Germany, Freie Wähler), chair of the delegation for relations with Australia and New Zealand, added: "The European trade policy is of high strategic importance in the new geopolitical environment. Any trade agreement must be tailored in a fair trade and level playing field spirit to achieve at the end a win-win situation."


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