More efficient energy use and a higher share for renewables: the roadmap to ensure the EU´s energy security

Author: Alberto Cuena Vilches




The Renew Europe Group welcomes today´s Plenary backing of the recast of the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED), a key driver within the framework of the Fit for 55 package in ensuring the EU progress towards climate neutrality by 2050, which aims at reducing overall energy use, cutting emissions and tackling energy poverty.

Our political group strongly believes that reducing energy consumption by 40% in 2030 across the EU (compared to 2007) presents the most straightforward path to cutting greenhouse gas emissions, reducing demand for energy imports, and lowering the costs on a household and economy-wide level. In any case, energy efficiency measures must be stepped up ensuring a smooth transition that centres around our SMEs and industries, a vital engine to maintain European economic growth.

MEP Nicola Danti (Italia Viva, Italy), Renew Europe Vice-President and ITRE shadow rapporteur on this file, declared:

"The cheapest energy is the energy we don't use. Our main challenge is to increase the efficiency and sustainability of our economy and, at the same time, stimulate our growth. Everyone can to do their part: citizens, industries, and the public sector."

Likewise, Renew Europe embraces the Plenary´s endorsement of the revision of the Renewable Energy Directive (RED), one of the flagship initiatives to achieve the Union energy and climate targets by securing at least 45% of renewables in the overall energy mix by the end of the decade, as well as an energy system integration and sustainability criteria for bioenergy, in line with the Repower EU plan.

Due to a strong Renew Europe negotiation, the final compromise foresees a reference to demand-flexibility measures, in addition to a specific 5% target for innovative renewable energy technologies, notably to safeguard the Union’s industrial competitiveness.

MEP Christophe Grudler, (Mouvement Démocrate, France), Renew Europe’s Shadow on Renewable Energy Directive, declared:

“We need cost-efficient renewables in Europe! I am pleased with the overall results of the revision of the directive, which will ensure a faster energy transition through ambitious but achievable targets. The war in Ukraine puts even more pressure on us to intensify the deployment of renewable energy, to shift away from Russian products and reinforce our energy autonomy. And Renew Europe is committed to deliver”.


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